Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

That Sweet Baby Smile

We finally found the cord to connect the video camera to the computer. Paul showed me how to import videos, so watch out--we'll be posting every move she makes.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ritual Scarring

When Aoife was tiny, her fingernails would peel off. They no longer peel and they are strong enough that biting them no longer works, but I am still too scared to use those baby nail clippers. I feel like I am going to clip the tops of her fingers off. Yet, something must be done. Her little, cute fingernails have grown into razor-sharp claws. I have scratches and scars all over my arms and chest from her little fingers. Maybe I'll put ash in them and turn them into permanent tattoos to guilt her with when she is older. Or maybe I will look at photos like this one and forgive her all her sins forever...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Well folks, I keep trying to get a story written. But then my sweet little baby wakes up. Like now. No kidding, the sound of typing is somehow loud enough to wake her up yet she sleeps peacefully through Paul's drill and nail gun. Go figure. Well, much as I enjoy blogging, Aoife wins out in this contest. Hands down. So, time to set this computer down and pick up my baby.

Stories soon...keep checking!

And meanwhile... Happy Valentine's Day!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sunday, February 3, 2008

It's been quite the weekend around here. I broke a tooth and Aoife got kicked out of a bar. I'd like to say that I lost my tooth in a bar brawl fighting for Aoife's right to stay in any bar she choses, but alas, they were two seperate events. On Friday night, we went to meet friends at a restaurant. We then went on to another restaurant/bar to meet up with other friends. We were all hanging out, minding our own business (not starting any fights) when the waiter told us Aoife needed to pack her things and move on. Her cooing wasn't excessive. She was dressed pretty cute. Why the sudden change in heart? Turns out minors aren't allowed after a certain hour. Darn, I was sure if I could keep Aoife there long enough, no one would notice if I slipped her a martini or two. Oh well, I'd had my fill of brownies and ice cream (a big night out for me!!) so we took it in our stride, and left without a fight--but we gave that ol' waiter the stink eye for sure!

The next night while brushing my teeth, half of my tooth fell out of my head. Great. What next? Like I said, no bar brawls and I'm not on meth, so why the loss of my pearly whites?? Turns out I never got the permanent crown after my root canal. So, anyone know a good dentist?

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful. I did knit matching hats for me and Aoife and am working on Paul's.
Well, there are baby needs to attend to. Oh, and a broken tooth that needs fixing....

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Six More Weeks of Winter

Those of you who read the title of this blog are probably thinking I'm going to lament the fact that we have six more weeks of wet, rainy winter. Well I'm not. In fact, wet and cold as it is here in Portland, the green leaves of daffodils are starting to bloom here and there. No, I'm not dedicating this blog to the weather but to the origination of the proclamation that there will be six more weeks of winter: Groundhog Day! While it's not a holiday I get excited about months beforehand, I do have to say that, silly as it is, I like this holiday. But then, I like holidays. A lot. Of course I love the major ones, like Christmas and the Fourth of July, but I even like the little ones like today and yes, Flag Day (but that was because it was also my dog's birthday--two holidays in one day is a rare treat!).

It's not easy being a lover of holidays in this somewhat cynical place. I have lots of friends who think Valentine's Day is just a "Hallmark Holiday" and Christmas is all about consumption. I say, why not have a holiday that celebrates love? We could certainly use more of it in the world. And no one says you have to buy a Hallmark card or even have a significant other in your life to celebrate. I've always liked Valentine's day, whether I was in a relationship or not. Now that I have a daughter, holidays seem even more important. There is nothing better than watching the excitement of a child, so why not give them as many things to get excited about as possible? I'm looking forward to starting new traditions with Aoife--beginning with Groundhog's Day! Who knows, maybe next year we'll move to Puxsatawney.

With people going to work day in and day out, why not have a look at the calendar and see what holidays are coming up--even if it just means wishing someone a Happy Groundhog's Day, I'm sure you'll get a smile in return!

Friday, February 1, 2008

If I am the Center of the Universe, Why isn't Everyone Dizzy? A Post by Paul

Paul was feeling left out since I named the blog Aoife and mama. Sorry Paul. We still love you. Here is Paul's two cents:

Let's get down to the nitty gritty: what is it all about? Is Aoife cute? Yes. Is she adorable? Yes. Does she have sharp nails and will cut you up as soon as look at you? Yes. But let's not mess around. Can she sleep more than me? Not today! Life here at 4615 is going smooth. Aoife has discovered her place in the family as the cute baby who makes the cute sounds. She does her job well. Wintry assumes the role of all-knowing, all-seeing mother. I think she may be a Mason (that's a joke). I had her vetted before we got married. Everything but the Masonic Lodge showed up.

I've made a few new resolutions: feel free to talk about poitics and Britney in the street, in the rain, but not in my house. What a load of Aoife-diaper-content! Stare at Aoife constantly and talk about how great she is. Spitting up is not an easy thing. She's cute and she's lovely and that is what I want to talk about when I blog. I blog therefore I am. Love my daughter or feel the wrath!

In Peace,


Heads Up!

Well I've gone and done it... I've joined the blogging world.  Now that my days consist of nursing a baby, doing laundry, making muffins at midnight (I was tired, so what better thing to do at midnight??), and occasionally washing a dish, why not write about it??  OK, I do a few other things during the day.  Take today for instance:  Aoife and I got up and drove to Forest Grove to represent Peace Village at the internship and job fair.  We were hoping to get a table next to the military recruiters, but, alas, they put us next to the Humanitarian Center.  I suppose that helped in luring the students who might actually have an interest in Peace Village, but I might have a more interesting story to post had we sat next to the sergeants.  

Walking across Pacific's little campus, I realized how glad I was I went to college before cell phones.  An afternoon at Pacific was planned by who you ran into after class.  With a student body of less than one thousand, on a campus the size of a city block, do you really need a phone to get in touch with someone?  If you didn't see who you were looking for on the way to lunch, I guarantee you'd see someone who knew where they were.  We had email, but I don't think I ever emailed anyone ON campus--what was the point when if I shouted loud enough, they'd hear me?  Well enough about me lamenting the rise of technology, I've got a blog to post!!