Friday, February 1, 2008

Heads Up!

Well I've gone and done it... I've joined the blogging world.  Now that my days consist of nursing a baby, doing laundry, making muffins at midnight (I was tired, so what better thing to do at midnight??), and occasionally washing a dish, why not write about it??  OK, I do a few other things during the day.  Take today for instance:  Aoife and I got up and drove to Forest Grove to represent Peace Village at the internship and job fair.  We were hoping to get a table next to the military recruiters, but, alas, they put us next to the Humanitarian Center.  I suppose that helped in luring the students who might actually have an interest in Peace Village, but I might have a more interesting story to post had we sat next to the sergeants.  

Walking across Pacific's little campus, I realized how glad I was I went to college before cell phones.  An afternoon at Pacific was planned by who you ran into after class.  With a student body of less than one thousand, on a campus the size of a city block, do you really need a phone to get in touch with someone?  If you didn't see who you were looking for on the way to lunch, I guarantee you'd see someone who knew where they were.  We had email, but I don't think I ever emailed anyone ON campus--what was the point when if I shouted loud enough, they'd hear me?  Well enough about me lamenting the rise of technology, I've got a blog to post!!

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