Sunday, February 3, 2008

It's been quite the weekend around here. I broke a tooth and Aoife got kicked out of a bar. I'd like to say that I lost my tooth in a bar brawl fighting for Aoife's right to stay in any bar she choses, but alas, they were two seperate events. On Friday night, we went to meet friends at a restaurant. We then went on to another restaurant/bar to meet up with other friends. We were all hanging out, minding our own business (not starting any fights) when the waiter told us Aoife needed to pack her things and move on. Her cooing wasn't excessive. She was dressed pretty cute. Why the sudden change in heart? Turns out minors aren't allowed after a certain hour. Darn, I was sure if I could keep Aoife there long enough, no one would notice if I slipped her a martini or two. Oh well, I'd had my fill of brownies and ice cream (a big night out for me!!) so we took it in our stride, and left without a fight--but we gave that ol' waiter the stink eye for sure!

The next night while brushing my teeth, half of my tooth fell out of my head. Great. What next? Like I said, no bar brawls and I'm not on meth, so why the loss of my pearly whites?? Turns out I never got the permanent crown after my root canal. So, anyone know a good dentist?

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful. I did knit matching hats for me and Aoife and am working on Paul's.
Well, there are baby needs to attend to. Oh, and a broken tooth that needs fixing....


She_Grins said...

Well.. Aoife is a S*#t talker. Cute but crass.

Your tooth? or your toof?

You shoudl post a photo!

bubkis said...

Please send me your tooth; I am making a neckless. It will have teeth from all my friends and family and will be HUGE! Just looking at my family tree (not counting friends) I should have several hundred teeth.

Some of the people I have contacted have not been willing to give me their tooth right away and I have had to extract them by force. This is really difficult if they live in another state. When the neckless is complete I'm going to put it under my pillow and there will be enough money to retire. Wheee!!!