Saturday, February 2, 2008

Six More Weeks of Winter

Those of you who read the title of this blog are probably thinking I'm going to lament the fact that we have six more weeks of wet, rainy winter. Well I'm not. In fact, wet and cold as it is here in Portland, the green leaves of daffodils are starting to bloom here and there. No, I'm not dedicating this blog to the weather but to the origination of the proclamation that there will be six more weeks of winter: Groundhog Day! While it's not a holiday I get excited about months beforehand, I do have to say that, silly as it is, I like this holiday. But then, I like holidays. A lot. Of course I love the major ones, like Christmas and the Fourth of July, but I even like the little ones like today and yes, Flag Day (but that was because it was also my dog's birthday--two holidays in one day is a rare treat!).

It's not easy being a lover of holidays in this somewhat cynical place. I have lots of friends who think Valentine's Day is just a "Hallmark Holiday" and Christmas is all about consumption. I say, why not have a holiday that celebrates love? We could certainly use more of it in the world. And no one says you have to buy a Hallmark card or even have a significant other in your life to celebrate. I've always liked Valentine's day, whether I was in a relationship or not. Now that I have a daughter, holidays seem even more important. There is nothing better than watching the excitement of a child, so why not give them as many things to get excited about as possible? I'm looking forward to starting new traditions with Aoife--beginning with Groundhog's Day! Who knows, maybe next year we'll move to Puxsatawney.

With people going to work day in and day out, why not have a look at the calendar and see what holidays are coming up--even if it just means wishing someone a Happy Groundhog's Day, I'm sure you'll get a smile in return!


She_Grins said...

I'm sorry that I am one of, if not the biggest one of, your friends who chews on the ick of so many holidays. I support your celebration and will not steal your joy - I promise.

John and I decided to one up Val Day and create Metta Day. Metta meaning, Loving-Kindness. Although, I suppose, everyday should be Metta Day.

Happy Groundhog day-after.

Anne said...

i'm with you , i love holidays, and thats why i like to get engagement books with international info so i can know about even more holidays. but i will admit to hating those couple focused holidays, unless i can spend it with kids!!
bill murray makes groundhog day all the better


bubkis said...

Tomorrow, February 7th, is Egg Day; not many people know this, which is tragic. Some people do know but choose to, "go into their shells" and act as though it's just another day. Egg Day recognizes that all organisms, including people, originate as eggs. OK, some don't, but they should and someday when we finally get things ironed out, they will.

Anyway, tomorrow, please buy a dozen eggs, find someone who doesn't normally celebrate egg day, and hit them with an egg. If they are driving, it's OK to hit their car. It's a lot of fun and is very effective at quickly communicating your enthusiasm for this important day. Enjoy!!!!!

yusufyusuf said...

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