Friday, February 1, 2008

If I am the Center of the Universe, Why isn't Everyone Dizzy? A Post by Paul

Paul was feeling left out since I named the blog Aoife and mama. Sorry Paul. We still love you. Here is Paul's two cents:

Let's get down to the nitty gritty: what is it all about? Is Aoife cute? Yes. Is she adorable? Yes. Does she have sharp nails and will cut you up as soon as look at you? Yes. But let's not mess around. Can she sleep more than me? Not today! Life here at 4615 is going smooth. Aoife has discovered her place in the family as the cute baby who makes the cute sounds. She does her job well. Wintry assumes the role of all-knowing, all-seeing mother. I think she may be a Mason (that's a joke). I had her vetted before we got married. Everything but the Masonic Lodge showed up.

I've made a few new resolutions: feel free to talk about poitics and Britney in the street, in the rain, but not in my house. What a load of Aoife-diaper-content! Stare at Aoife constantly and talk about how great she is. Spitting up is not an easy thing. She's cute and she's lovely and that is what I want to talk about when I blog. I blog therefore I am. Love my daughter or feel the wrath!

In Peace,


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